Dynamic and unique gamified token mechanisms and supply

The first package of gamified coins using RANDAO

Today we announce the full launch of our highly anticipated blockchain game DriveThru ( which includes 8 unique gamified tokens with never before seen token mechanisms exclusive to xDai and audited by War on Rugs. Our game has already been officially recognized by the xDai team on Twitter and their…

  1. Add xDai to your Metamask Wallet
    Open Metamask wallet
    Click Settings > Networks
    Network Name: xDai
    New RPC URL:
    Chain ID: 100
    Currency Symbol: xDai
    Block Explorer URL:
  2. Add xMCDC coin to your new xDai Network Wallet
    Click Add Token
    Click Custom Token
    Put this in Contract Address:
    Other fields should…

Drivethru is a new, first-of-its-kind blockchain video game which is scheduled to release at the end of April 2021, powered by the cryptocurrency MCDC. The Drivethru game will be deployed on the xDai blockchain and involves strategically trading eight tokens. The tokens are represented by fast food and named after…

Welcome McSpring with Fresh Memes

In celebration of our April fiesta leading up to our grand McDriveThru blockchain game launch on xDai, incentives for community activity. …

We’re announcing some news about the NFT aspect of the MCDC ecosystem today. We’re gathering artwork from our best content creators and artists and we’ll be doing NFT farming for nearly 50 MCDC themed artworks. Artists like Sloppa, Pope Francis, Captain Crook and many others will be featured. The art will be exhibited at the virtual museum, Pete’s Art House in Cryptovoxel-Berlin, on March 13th to celebrate the grand opening of our farm. It will be a sort of a Berlin festival, neighbors like Galeria de Milo will also be having their own shows on this date. Checkout the flyer for the event.

Todays announcement is going to be a VERY hefty one with a lot of work and execution coming out before the end of Q1.

Now lets talk about our BIG announcement.

You were wondering about ETH gas fees and wondering about how to mitigate them. …

The past few months have been revolutionary for the financial world. Retail investment platforms such as Robinhood have given small-scale traders unprecedented power to influence the market. Combined with online messaging boards such as Reddit, traders have been able to take on even the biggest investment firms on Wall Street…

A meme has the right to dream. There are endless possibilities stretched out before it. What awaits it down the path, it will then have to choose. The meme doesn’t always know. At some point, the meme then becomes viral and learns what it was able to become. Joy and sadness forever will accompany this. The meme is confronted with a choice — when this happens, does it bid its past farewell in his heart? Once a meme becomes viral, it can no longer go back to being a meme. The meme is now legend. Only one thing can be said: A meme has the right to dream, for those endless possibilities are stretched out before it.

We must remember, all legends were once memes.


A parody art project gamified token.

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