Demonstrating the power
of the masses

The past few months have been revolutionary for the financial world. Retail investment platforms such as Robinhood have given small-scale traders unprecedented power to influence the market. Combined with online messaging boards such as Reddit, traders have been able to take on even the biggest investment firms on Wall Street such as Melvin Capital. This shows that if small traders work together collectively, they can challenge the power of large investment firms. For this reason, $MCDC was created. READ MORE

We’re emailing YOU because I think that you’re one of the few people capable of really demonstrating the power of the masses. When the masses come together, they can help to redistribute the wealth and give small business owners, who have been hit hard by the pandemic, a fighting chance. You can shift the paradigm by doing the $MCDC Challenge.

The MCDC team is actively working to encourage the creation of viral memes on social media using cash prizes. This competition is run under #MCDCChallenge. Record yourself walking into your local McDonald’s and ask if you can pay in $MCDC/McDonald’s coin, the people’s Cryptocurrency of McDonald’s. Do whatever possible for them to accept McDonalds Coin. Tell them about the $MCDC Challenge and the initiative to take back power from corrupt corporate oligarchs.

Since the MCDC project exists as a decentralized smart contract on Ethereum, McDonald’s would not have the power to shut it down. This is unlike the situation with Robinhood where the platform ended up limiting trading on some of the supported stocks, to the detriment of retail investors. Any attention McDonald’s draws to the project would only work to popularize the tokens. Upload your video to Twitter, TikTok, Bitchute, and YouTube, tagging us at @coinmcdc (so we can repost you) and using the tags: $MCDC #MCDC #McDonaldsCoinChallenge — By doing this, you spark a revolution that will take the media by storm, putting prestige and honor and clout in your hands.




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