Grand Opening of the MCDC DriveThru Game on xDai

Dynamic and unique gamified token mechanisms and supply

The first package of gamified coins using RANDAO

DriveThru profit trading strategy
DriveThru liquidity profit strategies
  1. Choose one food token to provide liquidity and rapidly farm. Then using xETH/xMCDC LP, farm other coins and trade all harvested coins into your own coin to rapidly increase price and pool size to cause a pump.
  2. Choose one food token to farm as much as possible using both xMCDC/FOOD LP and xETH/xMCDC LP and then induce a supply squeeze when pool conditions become highly favorable.
  3. Choose two food tokens to provide liquidity for and then sell rapidly harvested coins back and forth between the two tokens to induce price action and favorable pool conditions.
  4. Equally farm all tokens and collect fee pool distributions without trading anything.
  5. Bring external funds into DriveThru to fuel favorable price and pool conditions for a token of choice.



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