Grand Opening of the MCDC DriveThru Game on xDai

5 min readMay 1, 2021


Dynamic and unique gamified token mechanisms and supply

The first package of gamified coins using RANDAO

Today we announce the full launch of our highly anticipated blockchain game DriveThru ( which includes 8 unique gamified tokens with never before seen token mechanisms exclusive to xDai and audited by War on Rugs. Our game has already been officially recognized by the xDai team on Twitter and their official documentation. Each token will be distributed over the course of 100 days via liquidity mining using xETH/xMCDC LP on Honeyswap and also each token’s corresponding liquidity pair with xMCDC. In this medium post, we will go through how to farm and play the game, and also some initial profitable gameplay strategies.

Each token has the following mechanism which hasn’t been implemented anywhere else in the blockchain space. When a token is traded or sent, 6% of all transactions are sent to a pool which can be randomly triggered linearly by any token transaction to have two thirds distributed to all token holders (4%). Meanwhile the other one third (2%) is sent directly to support the liquidity of xETH/xMCDC LP on Honeyswap. To put things in perspective, when 1% of the total circulating supply is sent, there is a 1% chance that the distribution pool is triggered. The free on-chain random number generator RANDAO on xDai is perfect for the implementation of these random pool triggers, which makes DriveThru work on xDai without massive 3rd party overhead for random numbers.

Our 8 tokens, their total supply, and their corresponding Honeyswap link:

FRIES — 1,000,000,000
MAC — 10,000,000
FLURY — 35,000,000
CHICK — 50,000,000
EGG — 100,000,000
NUGG — 200,000,000
MCRIB — 20,000,000
FISH — 75,000,000

Each token will be distributed via a liquidity farming incentive on Honeyswap over the course of 100 days via the xETH/xMCDC LP pair and each corresponding xMCDC/FOOD LP pair for 4x the rewards.

The farming page is located at

DriveThru profit trading strategy

The DriveThru player’s primary gameplay objective is to trade coins with favorable pool and price conditions. The goal is to outperform the tax, and the other players, all the while keeping in mind that each token’s pool can randomly be triggered by any token transaction. The larger the transaction, the larger the chance of triggering the pool.

With this in mind, the key element to pay attention to in DriveThru are the fee pool accumulations for each of the 8 tokens. The label POOL on the Menu interface represents the percent of the current circulating supply which is currently in the accumulated pool. On average, a pool will distribute when the volume surpasses the circulating supply. It is at that point, the pool should be 6% full and on our menu interface it will flash blue.

A blue pool means that a fee pool has a high chance of distributing very soon. This makes it more favorable to trade into this token to catch a distribution. If the pool color is gold, this indicates that the tax pool is less than 6% of the circulating supply, and this token is not likely to distribute soon.

All trading can be done directly off DriveThru from the “Swap” tab:

DriveThru liquidity profit strategies

The DriveThru game combines two mechanics, trading and farming. In the previous two sections we discussed each aspect on its own; now we delve into how they affect one another. To quickly recap, food tokens are distributed to those who provide liquidity to the xETH/xMCDC pair on Honeyswap and furthermore to those who provide liquidity to xMCDC/FOOD pairs (with a 4x boost in emission). Meanwhile the trading strategy of DriveThru is to trade coins with favorable pool and price conditions. Thus the goal of xMCDC/FOOD LP farmers is to create favorable price and pool conditions for the coin which they are rapidly harvesting.

Some initial strategies are outlined:

  1. Choose one food token to provide liquidity and rapidly farm. Then using xETH/xMCDC LP, farm other coins and trade all harvested coins into your own coin to rapidly increase price and pool size to cause a pump.
  2. Choose one food token to farm as much as possible using both xMCDC/FOOD LP and xETH/xMCDC LP and then induce a supply squeeze when pool conditions become highly favorable.
  3. Choose two food tokens to provide liquidity for and then sell rapidly harvested coins back and forth between the two tokens to induce price action and favorable pool conditions.
  4. Equally farm all tokens and collect fee pool distributions without trading anything.
  5. Bring external funds into DriveThru to fuel favorable price and pool conditions for a token of choice.

Those who are able to execute an efficient liquidity providing strategy will likely be able to make much more profit than those who exclusively trade without farming. Liquidity can be provided on the DriveThru interface on the “Pool” tab.

Since most of our community is familiar with trading, liquidity providing, and farming, this medium article was a top down overview on how the game and the tokens work. In our next medium article we will provide detailed instructions to those new to crypto on how to provide liquidity, trade using McSWAP, and how to liquidity farm tokens.

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