Traveler’s Guide to xMCDC

  1. Add xDai to your Metamask Wallet
    Open Metamask wallet
    Click Settings > Networks
    Network Name: xDai
    New RPC URL:
    Chain ID: 100
    Currency Symbol: xDai
    Block Explorer URL:
  2. Add xMCDC coin to your new xDai Network Wallet
    Click Add Token
    Click Custom Token
    Put this in Contract Address:
    Other fields should auto fill
    Click Next
  3. Get a drip of xDai so you can make transactions on the xDai Network
    Go here
    Enter your xDai address
    But seriously you should now have .01 xDai in your wallet
  4. Move your MCDC from ERC20 to xDai (This step requires ETH for gas)
    Go to:
    Make sure your ERC20 wallet is open in metamask (not the new xDai)
    Click on the left where it says “Stake” then click “Add Custom Token”
    Put Maximum amount of MCDC and click “Unlock”,
    approve the unlock, then click “Transfer”
    Wait…. (can’t wait to get off the ERC20 network)
    You now have xMCDC
  5. Go to the Unifty MCDC NFT Farm and start your shift
    Click here:
    Make sure your xDia wallet is open
    Click “Staking Options” and “Stake” MCDC