Welcome McSpring with Fresh Memes

In celebration of our April fiesta leading up to our grand McDriveThru blockchain game launch on xDai, incentives for community activity. In this medium article, in the spirit of parody, we are announcing our enormous meme contest which will last for the whole month of April with $1000 in prizes given out in $MCDC and $ETH for the top memes rated by our community.

All creators must post this on their social media with the hashtags #MCDC #MCDCMEME $MCDC #McDonaldsCoin with our Telegram t.me/McDonaldscoinHQ to onboard more members to the McFamily and to be eligible for our Meme Contest!

Our previous meme incentive in the month of March was incredibly successful and NFT representations were rapidly farmed and sold out on Unifty. Furthermore, our artwork was featured in Pete’s Art House, shooting the digital art house to the #2 most popular Parcel in the Cryptovoxel world out of nearly 4,500 parcels with almost one thousand visits in 24 hours!




A parody art project gamified token.

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A parody art project gamified token.

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