Welcome to MCDC DriveThru

Drivethru is a new, first-of-its-kind blockchain video game which is scheduled to release at the end of April 2021, powered by the cryptocurrency MCDC. The Drivethru game will be deployed on the xDai blockchain and involves strategically trading eight tokens. The tokens are represented by fast food and named after various burgers, fries, ice cream, and other meals. The Drivethru game is a parody on “finance bros’’ and stock market fanatics who are ready to trade anything if it makes profit, even if it’s thousands of burgers for millions of fries. It represents all aspects of a miniature trading world with all excitement and reward. The mechanisms of the tokens are unique and in contrast to other blockchain trading games, profitable strategies will always exist and are built into the game. Strategy pioneers can reap in huge profits finding the best strategy to trade the eight fast food tokens. Meanwhile holders and liquidity providers also can profit from the unique mechanisms of the tokens, actively playing alongside traders to find the best strategy for themselves. Furthermore as people play the game, automatic buybacks guarantee the value of MCDC will also grow. Since these eight tokens have unique novel mechanisms, the details of their implementation cannot yet be disclosed. The smart contracts are currently being audited by War on Rugs.

The total supply of the eight sub-tokens will be farmable under a fair launch distribution over the course of 100 days. The tokens will be farmable using MCDC LPs from xDai HoneySwap, and also bridged MCDC LP assets from Ethereum Uniswap and Binance Chain PancakeSwap. These eight Drivethru tokens are set to be the first true cross-chain farmable assets. xDai was chosen as the main development blockchain because it provides free on-chain random numbers based on RANDAO. The tokens, and by extension the Drivethru trading game, are reliant on random numbers, and neither BSC nor Matic provides free random numbers. The Drivethru game, as a result, will run forever on xDai without external funding. There are a few more motivations for choosing xDai, including the high level of decentralization provided by their 265 delegator nodes and furthermore the strong prospect of pioneering xDai to become the most popular blockchain game.



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